Niche Site Duel 2.0 – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

niche site duelPat Flynn recently announced the start of Niche Site Duel 2.0, and this time I’m in!

When he launched the first Niche Site Duel, Pat managed to build a niche website about security guard training which went on to earn over $50,000 in revenue.  Now he’s going to update and repeat the process sharing everything he learns along the way.  I’ll be following along with his process (though I may make adjustments) to see what kind of results I can get too.

Do You Really Need Another Website?

That’s what my wife said when I told her about this.  After all, is only a week old and I’m already preparing to launch another site!

But the whole point of creating Elude the Cube was to share my experiences as I work to build new income streams so I can quit my day job.  This will just be the first case study along the way.  I’ll be able to document the process as I go through it and also share the results.

In other words it will provide me with tons of killer content and topics to write about!

More Details Please

I’ll be providing regular updates as I work my way through the process so you can follow along and enjoy the journey with me.

Right now I’m in the early stages of trying to find the right niche and keyword phrase to target.  I have a few in mind but I haven’t made the final choice just yet.

I will NOT be sharing the keyword or the domain name I decide to use for two reasons.  First, I don’t want the case study to be tainted.  If you’re following along and go to the site to check it out it would artificially increase traffic and potentially do the same to revenue.  I’d rather keep the results pure.

Second, it would be asking for trouble.  While 99.9 percent of people are good and honest folks, there is that small minority that likes to ruin things for everyone else.  I don’t want someone to steal whatever idea I come up with.

So What’s Next?

Well, right now I’m focused on brainstorming ideas and researching keywords.  I’ll write more about that process in a future post as this is a vital step in the process.  Choosing the wrong niche or keyword can doom your site to failure right from the start.  To give you a sneak preview, I’m looking for a niche that is…

  • Popular.  If no one is interested in your topic then you’ll never get any traffic at all.
  • Fairly Competitive.  You don’t want to choose a niche where the competition is insurmountable, but no competition at all likely means there’s no money to be made.  You have to find the sweet spot.
  • Easy to Monetize.  Since the goal is to create a reliable stream of income, it has to be a niche that can make some money through AdSense, affiliate programs, etc.
  • Evergreen.  I’m not interested in topics that are red-hot for a short time but quickly fizzle out.  I want this site to be a long-term asset that will stand the test of time.
  • Personally Interesting.  This is something that not everyone considers, but I think it’s pretty important.  Can you write about topics that you know nothing about and find completely boring?  Sure.  But it will be very difficult to maintain momentum.  I’m looking for a topic that I’m either already knowledgeable about or that I’m interested in learning more about.  I figure if it is a topic that can maintain my interest over time it will be easier to build a site and maintain it for the long-term.

What about you?  What factors so you think are most important when choosing a niche?  Are you participating in the Niche Site Duel?

2 Responses to Niche Site Duel 2.0 – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

  1. Iain says:

    I love the name of your site by the way. Elude the Cube.

    It’s witty.


    I like your ideas for the niche site duel. You have pointed out some very important things.

    Evergreen probably being the most important part. Technology niches fade away way too quickly.

    By the way I included you in a round up of people participating in the duel.


    • Mike Collins says:

      Hey thanks for including me in your roundup and thanks for stopping by. Good luck with your niche site!

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